20 Year Reunion - Main Event - Saturday Night
Adams Mark Hotel

Chairmen of the Reunion Committee: David Yeary, Larry Callender  (photograph from David Yeary)

David Crabtree, Phil Pavlich, Brian Combs, Rick Dittemore  (photograph from David Yeary)

John Boortz, Steve Ulsh, Donna Stacy Thorshov, Robin Smith Pfeifer  (photograph from David Yeary)

David Yeary, Joan Severance  (photograph from David Yeary)

"Get Down, Boogie Oogie Oogie" with Rick Harsch and admirers  (photograph from David Yeary)

(photograph from Michele (Webb) Rhodes)

Brian Combs, Phil Pavlich, Joan Severance, Teri Ray, David Yeary, Michelle Webb, Don Edmundson, Robert "Bubba" Duecker    (photograph from Michele (Webb) Rhodes)

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